Jason Butler of The Beer Lodge

Founded by Jason Butler—The Beer Lodge is a St. Louis company specializing in hand-crafted wooden beer and wine carriers. 

The Beer Lodge offers a four bottle wine or beer carrier (4, 6, or 8 bottle capacities) in a natural light or dark stain, affording shoppers the ability to find a meaningful, yet practical gift for every special occasion. Carriers can be customized with the recipients’ name or your own—placing a personal touch on a gift juxtaposing both rustic and modern looks. 

How did you come up with the concept of creating customized beer and wine carriers?

Throughout the years I’ve gained an interest in drinking a variety of beers, but found that it was inconvenient to continuously buy variety packs and attempting to transport them from place-to-place. I wanted to create a solution and product that was portable and aesthetically pleasing. It was important that I create a product that would look good on a bar top, and would allow someone to mix-and-match different beers. 

Share with us your background, and how did it play a part in creating The Beer Lodge?

My Grandfather and his brothers started Butler Die Co. in 1963, a manufacturing company specializing in steel rule cutting dies. I worked alongside my Grandfather for many years, and later purchased the company with my Dad. 

My experience and knowledge in the cutting die industry afforded me to create and design a carrier using a CNC laser and CAD software. After creating several carrier prototypes, I was able to create a finished product with the right dimensions and fit. It also became much easier to adjust the carrier to accommodate different bottle sizes and hole counts - making our product even more accessible.

What's your favorite part of the creating process?

Assembling the carriers has become my favorite part of the creating process because it allows me to remove myself from the digital world and create something with my hands. It helps me clear my and allow my creative juices to flow. 

What's next for The Beer Lodge?

We’ve been tinkering with new designs, as well collaborations with other local makers that we’ll be excited to share in the future. Additionally, we’re looking at an artisan series where we will encourage designers and artists to take a blank carrier canvas and add their own designs to them. 

Shop The Beer Lodge online, or purchase their products locally at Urban Matter.