Haley Wayman of Ornate Chaos

Haley Wayman—the designer and maker behind the new St. Louis-based jewelry and home decor line, Ornate Chaos—creates pieces of hand-crafted jewelry and decor with the utmost precision and detail. Inspired by the fusion of creative scenes in St. Louis, New Orleans and Colorado, Wayman envisioned the Ornate Chaos brand. With designs juxtaposing rugged modern and classic Southwestern aesthetics, Wayman creates distinct collections that paramount into timeless pieces of art. Having recently nestled into a St. Louis city home with her husband, Matt, we chatted with the designer to learn more about her creatives process and Ornate Chaos’ upcoming collection debuting in the New Year.

 Sandy Gutierrez Photography

Sandy Gutierrez Photography

Tell us how Ornate Chaos came to life. What drew you to create your line of handmade jewelry?

Ornate Chaos came to life after my move to Denver. Surrounded by creatives and makers, I felt the need to jump into the scene. Delving into any resources I could get my hands on, I eventually found a metalsmith that was willing to provide private lessons out of her studio.  After filling an entire notebook with sketches and watching countless instructional YouTube videos, I created my first line, entitled MUSES (which eventually developed Ornate Chaos). The theme was developed after the culture and life that I experienced after living New Orleans for a few years. I'm inspired to create pieces for people that feel open, strong and independent.

Your new collection is slated for release this Winter. What can we expect from your new collection?

My Winter collection revolves around a stone that I have fallen in love with — White Buffalo Turquoise. The stone evokes a sense of strength and pride when I wear it, and I want to share that experience with others. I have been playing with mixing the stones with different types of metals like copper, brass and sterling silver.  My designs made from copper and brass will cross over to decorative home goods as well.  This will be my first time creating home goods in this upcoming collection, and I couldn’t be more excited!

As a new St. Louis resident, what do you find to be most inspiring of our city? 

I love that St. Louisans are willing to support small businesses, it provides me with a sense of home and belonging.

Relocating to St. Louis has been a dream come true. I find the history of our city to be most inspiring. I’ve seen a resurgence in our city, people are actively supporting more artists and makers. I love that St. Louisans are willing to support small businesses, it provides me with a sense of home and belonging. The people are great, the culture is fun and I have quickly became a fan of the Cardinals! 

You can purchase Ornate Chaos’ jewelry and home decor directly from their website